Thursday, March 31, 2011

Genius Within: The Inner Life of Glenn Gould 2009 (Grade B+)

Director: Michael Hozer & Peter Raymont
ABOUT: Glenn Gould -- Canadian musician
Featuring: Glenn Gould; Vladimir Ashkenazy; Frances Batchen; Kevin Bazzana; Petula Clark; Victor Feldbrill; Christopher Foss; Cornelia Foss; Don Hunstein; Fliza Foss

sez says: I knew nothing of this man till I watched this--and I was glued to the program once it began.  It is not about his music--which I admit still knowing little about--but what grabbed me was 1) how a person can take something everyone things they know and turn it into something else entirely.  As Gould said--my paraphrase--with practice anyone can play this music perfectly, what it the point of that, I want to find something new in it that no one else has found. 2) I was taken by this life of obsession--that seemed to void all else in his life.  It seems that he still wanted some of the 'normal things' -- like a family-- but he couldn't accommodate them becasue of his obsession. Something in that seems to be a clue to the ways and means and costs of genius. Enough said....leave it that, I like this...not enough to watch it twice--but glad I saw it. 

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